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I Figured out the Swing and Now it's Gone!

Original post on 2/21/17

Have you ever had a lesson or incorporated a golf tip where you started hitting the ball so great that you thought you figured something out? Then you realize after a couple of days or at best a couple weeks that the swing tip is not helping anymore?

The funny thing is that you know you're not doing anything differently right? But, you can't hit like you did during that one round or practice range session. Why does this happen?

The reason why this happens is because the tips and or fixes that you are working on are what I call superficial fixes (explained in earlier articles). It's like trying to make a car with a flat tire go straight by adjusting its alignment when you really need a new tire! Generally speaking, if the tip you're working on deals with only one part of your body e.g., "keep you head still," "Straighten you left arm," "Keep your right leg still," etc. it is a superficial fix.However, when working on movements on a foundational level,more permanent changes will start to occur.

Instead of getting to the root of the problem on a fundamental level, superficial fixes often create the motion with brute force! This often puts strain on your body and what you get is an awkward and unnatural version of what you think the swing should look like.

When teaching my students the correct swing motions at the foundational level, all the other positions fall that people are trying to get into fall in place a lot more easier. All of a sudden it's not so hard to stop from swaying, or moving your heard; You will find it easier to stay in the correct posture; you will realize that your left arm will tend to get straighter and your balance will improve; You will swing with less effort because you feel more powerful, your swing will look more natural etc.

In conclusion, don't get caught up into golf positions and tips as an end in and of itself. Make sure that the changes you are making incorporate the whole body and not simply a section of it. The only swing fix worth trying is one that will last.

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